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Why smoke?

Why do people do something so obviously harmful and why do rates of smoking vary according to occupation, class and education?
Why do poor people smoke?

Why do people smoke? - look at the data on smoking behaviour and the relationship between smoking and other factors

The smoking message

Smoking doctors
Smoke Spud! Wait for the video to load then watch from 05.25-06:30mins and 07.48-08:49mins
Big Tobacco About the lawsuit against the four main tobacco companies in the USA
The Insider. A film about Big Tobacco based on "The Man Who Knew Too Much" by Marie Brenner


Learning Objectives

Reflective writing

Essential reading

Further reading




Review of learning logs

Smoking. Review of reading material
Group work: Do people choose to smoke?
Anti-smoking: Read about ASH (Action on Smoking and Health)
Pro-smoking: Read about Forest, "Voice and friend of the smoker".
What about other pleasurable but harmful activities?
Why is smoking so hard to stop?

Meeting a cigarette smoker who has had a stroke recently
Why do people continue to smoke when it has already nearly killed them?
What's the difference between smoking cigarettes, heroin or crack?
Consider the sacked government scientist David Nutt
Examoination skills: Chest, Peak flow and spirometry

Should smokers be refused surgery? Yes? or No?
Prepartion for session 7

Stigma and smoking
Does an anti-smoking cultures stigmatize smokers? What are the effects of stigmatizing smokers? Are the effects on behaviour similar when other habits, or groups are stigmatized? e.g. obesity, sex, religion.

Read: Stigma, shame, and blame experienced by patients with lung cancer: qualitative study

Read Michael Fitzpatric short article on smoking(about 5 mins)
Watch Bill Hicks on smoking. (7mins 51 on youtube)

Giving up!
What role to psychological, environmental, social and other factors play in addictive/ habitual behaviour?
Why is giving up so hard? (See pages 13-20)
How to give up (Very good NHS website)
If you still can't stop watch this Extreme smoking

Thank you for smoking

Please read:
Helping people towards healthier living, Chapter 14 in Promoting health a practical guide by Linda Ewles and Ina Simnett.BalliereTindall, 4th Edition, 1999, p 261 - 281.
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Action on Smoking and Health

Alcohol and other drug misuse from Changing Minds campaign