Why is caring for someone with diabetes different from managing diabetes?
Diebetes. In order to start to understand the complexity of caring for someone with diabetes and the importance of the relationship between patient and doctor/ nurse read chapter 4, Managing Vs Doctoring from The Logic of Care and the Problem of Patient Choice by Annemarie Mol

What is a diebetogenic environment and why don't pigs get diabetes?

Why don't pigs get diabetes? Explanations for variations in diabetes susceptibility in human populations living in a diabetogenic environment
The choices patients make Read about some of the ethical and philosophical conundrums surrounding patient choice.What is the link between inequality and obesity?
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Review of learning logs

Discussion of session 5

Diabetes tutorial

What is diabetes? How do patients become unwell with diabetes?

Small group learning
Practical session

How do we test for diabetes? What can we use to treat diabetes?
Taking blood pressure, checking for pulses, testing blood glucose, urinalysis



Home visit to a patient with diabetes

How does diabetes affect a patient's life? How do patients feel about looking after their health with diabetes?

Review of the day

Review of the day and prepare for session 6

Information about poster presentation and preparation for session 6

Obesity: Is obesity a disease? What do we think about obesity and obese people?

‘I Can Not Help the Way I Feel’ by John Isaacs, 2003 Wax, polystyrene, steel, expanding foam and oil paint. Wellcome Collection
Rubens: Venus at the mirror

NHS obesity Change 4 life Are these websites helpful? What could be done better?
Is Obesity a disease? What do we mean by disease? What difference does it make to someone if they are not merely overweight, but clinically obese?
Is it possible or necessary to draw a line between medical and non-medical 'treatments' for obesity?
Is it more effective to treat individuals or society?
Fat is a feminist issue. What does this mean? How does being overweight differ for women, men, children and different cultures?
Susie Orbach podcast, psychoanalist and author of Fat is a Feminist Issue, The Making of the Body, On Eating, Bodies
Why are fat bodies stigmatised? Slideshare by Deborah Lupton.
Fat studies. Pinterest board by Deborah Lupton
Big and beautiful
Women as depicted by Rubens 1625
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Why are a 1 billion people overweight while 8 billion starve?
Essential browsing: Stuffed and Starved!
Excellent video lecture by the author of Stuffed and Starved. 1h.17mins
If you're too busy to watch it all try selecting highlights or chapters.
Michael Pollan on food (radio 4 30min programme) "Eat [real] food, not too much, mostly plants"
Foucault's progeny: Jamie Oliver and the art of governing obesity
Excellent letter in the BMJ May 2011: The real route to food security:

Your dose of diabetes, the Baskin Robbins Large Heath Bar Shake. It has 2310 calories, and gives you three days' worth of your recommended daily allowance of fat.

Just one more eclair...

Sorites paradox. One chocolate eclair today won't make me fat. If that's true, then neither will one tomorrow, or the next day...
Is this how people think about food? What about cigarettes? Or Voting?

Candy at the Cash Register - A risk factor for obesity and chronic disease NEJM

Surgery for obesity

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American patient health information

British patient support

Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology