A few things to do before you arrive...

• Read the selected literature on child health in the online reading list Find out about the MMR controversy and the latest news!
• Prepared for their meeting with a mother and her baby
• Finished working on their learning logs

• 09.30 Tutorial: health promotion for mothers and babies
• 10.00 Mothers and babies talk to mothers and baby at the practice and practice examining babies
• Meet with practice nurse/health visitor to discuss their role in caring for babies and young children
• Final feedback tutorial on learning log and professionalism

Aim: an opportunity to meet with and talk to a mother and her baby and to gain an understanding of the health monitoring and health promotion provided for babies and young children by the primary health care team

Learning Objectives

• Describe the daily routine for one mother and baby or young child that they have met
• List some of the health promotion services provided by the practice for mothers and their babies
• Describe in detail one health promotion intervention provided for babies or young children
• Describe some of their experiences communicating and engaging with the children
• Discuss the most significant changes parents have to deal with after the birth of a child
• Practice interview skills, and communication through play

Reflective writing

Did anything surprise you about your meeting with a mother and young child?
What sort of support do you think new fathers might need from health care professionals?
There have been some well–documented controversies around vaccination of children:
What do you think the role of the GP/Health visitor is in this area?
How would you deal with patients whose views conflicted with the advice you were giving to them?

Essential reading

Further reading



Subjects for reflection from session 4.

Session 5: Mother and Baby
The media's MMR Hoax
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