Welcome to Medicine in Society at The Lawson Practice

"Medicine is a social science and politics is nothing more than medicine on a large scale"Virchow, R. D
On this course we will explore the complex and fascinating relationships between society (the world people live in) and their health. We will have the opportunity to meet and talk to patients in more depth about more personal issues than on any other undergraduate course. We will learn the most valuable lessons possible: how to listen to others, and how to think critically about what we (as doctors) do.

We will learn about the social determinants of health including education, housing, wealth and poverty, diet and hygiene, exercise, smoking and more. We will be humbled as doctors by learning how their effects completely dwarf the achievements of medicine. We will learn to think about and empathise with the pressures patients experience and the lives they live.

Find out more about the social determinants of health.