Poster presentations

Poster presentations

..the assumption underlying choice is that patients like those we have met, and doctors like me are equally able to take control of our lives and define ourselves by our choices. It assumes that providing information is enough to empower people to choose a healthy lifestyle. Offering choice without addressing the conditions within which people live their lives, the experiences that affect their decisions, and aspirations which shape their vision of the future, widens inequality by empowering those ready to make those choices and alienates those people who have very different priorities."

With this in mind, how would your health promotion campaign differ from the ones already on offer?

You only need to present for 5-10 minutes. You will be marked out of 30 with 10 marks for each of the following:
  • Content: Is the information accurate and is there the right amount?
  • Presentation: Do you communicate the message clearly and convincingly?
  • Poster: Is the visual content professional and your own original work, does it catch people's attention?

An example from last year:

Examples of health promotion:
Thai government exercise promotion videos.
An iconography of contagion. Cultural history of advertising and health promotion. Article and slide show.
Classic health promotion posters

How to 'do' a presentation: Excellent blog post by paediatric surgeon, First turn off your computer and get a piece of paper and a pen