A rough guide to films featuring medicine and society

Abortion: Vera Drake The Revolutionary Road
Abuse: Precious The Arbor
Adoption: Secrets and Lies (check also auteurs.com)
Ageing: Iris The Savages, Away from her, The Straight Story, Young at heart, Ping Pong
Alcohol: My name is JoeDays of Wine and Roses/The Lost Weekend, Leaving Las Vegas, Nil by Mouth
Anorexia: Life is sweet
Autism: Mary and Max
Cancer: Wit
Childbirth: The Business of being born. Review here
Childhood/Teenage: Thirteen, Juno - teenage pregnancy. We need to talk about Kevin (unruly teenager) La Haine - Paris gang culture
DIsability: Born on the fourth of July Cloud Cukoo Land, The Station Agent
Doctors: The English Surgeon, The Citadel, Red Beard, The Doctor The Last King of Scotland The Death of Mr Lazarescu
Domestic violence: Nil by Mouth
Drugs: Requiem for a dream, Thirteen, Trainspotting, Drugstore cowboy, Naked lunch, Cocaine cowboys
Euthanasia: The Sea Inside, The Butterfly and the Diving Bell
HIV/AIDS: Philadelphia, Dallas Buyers Club
Mental health: Rain man – autism, Awakenings/ A Beautiful Mind/ Family life/ One flew over the cookoo’s nest/ Julien Donkey boy Spider, Silver Linings Playbook (bipolar) Mary and Max -anxiety loneliness, depression
Obesity: Fast Food Nation,Supersize me, Precious, Fed Up (documentary)
Politics: Sicko, The Spirit of '45
Sexuality: Boy's don't cry , Hedwig and Angry Inch (transgender), My Beautiful Laundrette
Smoking: The Insider/ Thank you for smoking
Stigma: Gummo, What's eating Gilbert Grape? The Elephant Man
Transplants: Dirty Pretty Things
Tourettes: Harvie Krumpet

See: Cinemeducation: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Film in Medical Education